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THIS OR THAT: The Bureau: XCOM Unclassified vs. Saint’s Row 4

The solar eclipse of gaming is when two or more highly anticipated games release on the same day. It’s amazing but if you look directly at it, your wallet will be empty. Assassin’s Creed 2 and Left for Dead 2 released on the same day. Space Marine and Dead Island did also and this is where I ended up getting burned. I waited all day, trying to decide if I should hold off on one or the other but then in the end, I bought both (BECAUSE PRE-ORDER BONUSES, YO) and soon found out that Space Marine was awesome and Dead Island wasn’t the game it was being hyped up to be.

With another new game to play, buyer’s remorse strikes a whole hell of a lot sooner and I’d like to prevent others from having that ordeal. On the 20th, we face this same ordeal again. This time the games facing off are “The Bureau: XCOM Unclassified” vs. “Saint’s Row 4”. Also Divekick comes out too but that’s a must buy so it don’t count.

I will be presenting each game’s pros and cons from a preview stand point and then tell you what my anticipated actions are going to be when the 20th rolls around. I could be completely wrong but this is my current plan of attack.



Shepard! Shepard!


  • XCOM Enemy Unknown was good and completely rejuvenated the franchise.
  • It’s a third person squad tactics cover-based shooter that is very reminiscent of Mass Effect 2 & 3
  • Your squadmates are customizable much like Enemy Unknown and my favorite thing to do in XCOM is make my friends and see how they fair.
  • It takes place in the 1960’s and WHO DOESN’T LIKE 60’S SCI-FI!?


  • It’s being developed by the team that made Bioshock 2 and that game huffs bird.
  • The main character is not customizable. This isn’t too bad but any game where I can make me is just a little bit better.
  • This was the game that was originally the XCOM revival until everyone demanded blood for changing the original formula so much but now it’s essentially a spin-off game. Will it be able to take the spotlight or will it live in Fireaxis’ shadow?
  • Unlike Saint’s Row 4, we are going into the gameplay and mechanics completely fresh. Could be amazing but it could be shit just like needing oil for your drill hand in Bioshock 2. (HATE THAT GAME.)

The Champion: SAINT’S ROW 4


It’s always night too…


  • If you played Saint’s Row the Third, then you have a grasp of how this game plays and Saint’s Row the Third played well.
  • Character Customization is top notch in these games. I could instantly download my Steve from SR3 into 4 so that’s a wonderful feature. Expect more from this!
  • Fun to play and just mess around in.


  • Is Saint’s Row jumping the shark?
  • This is just Saint’s Row 3 dlc. We were told it was going to be more but it’s just the dlc we didn’t get, marked up to be a full priced game.
  • The jump from crime game to superhero game seems to make a lot of mechanics useless. Why drive cars when you can just fly around at lightning speed?
  • I liked Saint’s Row 1 and 2 but since 3 sold more for being wackier, the franchise seems to be on the path of just redefining itself to be more insane each time until we just lose everything I loved from the first two all together.


While I enjoy me an open-world game, I can just wait for GTAV which is due in a month practically. I just really am excited for the new take on the XCOM universe. A game universe I found myself falling in love with when I played Enemy Unknown.  Customizable squads mates, tactic-based shooting seems intense, and the setting all are just win/win for me. I know I can wait for SR4 to drop in price in a few months but I’ll be beside myself if something gets in the way of my Divekicking and Alien-Stopping this Tueday.



Steve Oteri

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