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The Universe of Tommy Westphall

Now I know this isn’t anything terribly new or important but there is this website that Galanti had told me about a few years ago that blew his mind (enough to call me about at least.) and it also blew mine. Now normally I hate these things that try make more out of something that’s already there,  especially if it tries to fuck with the continuity of the show. Nevertheless I found this website fascinating because A. I think it’d be hard to disagree that it’s a nifty idea, and  B. Because some people put a LOT of effort into making this for little reason other than to do it.

The website in question is and the main idea to take away from this is that during the show St. Elsewhere there was this child, Tommy Westphall who was autistic. Now during the closing moments of the entire series the camera shows Tommy starring at a snow globe where inside of the globe you find out that it is actually the hospital of St. Elsewhere. So one way of thinking is that the entire show was actually a figment of Tommy’s imagination! Crazy huh?

Now this website was created to display how one show “St Elsewhere” is ‘in reality’ connected to well over 200 television shows and how all of those shows in question actually stem from the mind of this autistic child Tommy Westphall. But how do you go from one show in one kids mind into well over 200? This is where things get interesting, because there was another show aroudn the same time as Elsewhere called Homicide: Life on the Street that actually had a cross over with the show St. Elsewhere. So when you think about it, if the characters on St. Elsewhere are a product of a child’s mind than how can the show Homicide not be? “O.K.” You say, “But how does 2 shows turn into so many more”? Well by using the extreme rules of the transitive property of A=B (B=C) so must A=C you can see how either a crossover from another show into one of those two shows could be connected to Tommy Westphall. It doesn’t even have to be a direct crossover either, a mention of another character, brand of smokes, or even the visiting of another shows locale (the Wings airport or the CHEERS Bar) connects these shows together.

This is just one of those wonderful things you can find on the internet that you can obsess over for days (like I did). I implore you to follow the link as they explain it MUCH better than I will ever do. On that website they have a big map that shows the connections between shows and a KEY that explains where and how they are connected.

Like I said before, nothing terribly important but something that I thought was kind of neat. Feel free to comment on how wrong I or the concept is in the comment section below.




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