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AFB’s Top 5: Games That Need To Be Remastered


Maybe the reason for an increase in retro game collectors/players in recent years is the need to feel nostalgic or the need to re-live the classic games that made hardcore gamers the losers they are today.  Maybe it’s because we see HD Remixes of horrible games like Final Fantasy X when there are 9 other Final Fantasies that were better games and deserve that treatment even more.  Maybe the kids these days just have no idea how much better video games were -aesthetically- in the 90s and early 2000’s because they weren’t alive to experience them.  Or maybe the editors at ANTiFanboy are just straight up snobs.

The idea for this list came to us after news of a POSSIBLE re-release of the Mass Effect series on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. This got us thinking of some great games that we would love to see remade using today’s tech. We decided to knock our heads together until we came up with a list and using computer science and black magic we concocted our Top 5 games we’d love to see remastered.


Classic Engine Updates graphics/gameplay (possible reimaginings)

Must be a franchise that hasn’t been acknowledged in recent years OR a franchise in dire need of a resurgence.

Dishonorable Losers that didn’t make the top 5:

-Comix Zone

-Sonic the Hedgehog Trilogy

-Eternal Champions

Now that we’ve dealt with the formalities, LET THE GAMES BEGIN! ON TO #5 PLEASE!

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