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The Trailer For My Blind Brother Is Kind Of Mean But Also Pretty Funny

In a movie that should go wrong in every way, My Blind Brother looks weirdly heartwarming. 

Writer and first time director Sophie Goodhart, is bringing us a tale about two brothers, played by Nick Kroll and Adam Scott, the latter of which is blind and kiiiiiind of a dick. It’s a classic love triangle between girl, guy and his blind brother.

The film on paper comes off kind of mean and insensitive, and hey, maybe the final product will be. But the trailer looks kind of sweet while still riding that ‘90s Farrelly Brothers type comedy of maybe too much. Kroll is coming off of probably the best part in Sausage Party which was great all around and Adam Scott is always good in everything he does. Slate has built up some indy cred since her leaving SNL with Obvious Child, but has also been in big name stuff like Zootopia and The Secret Life of Pets. The cast is small but packs a lot of punch in this feel good comedy about a girl, a brother and his jerky blind one.





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