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Treat Yo’self To Some Extremely Graphic Mortal Kombat X Brutalities

Brutalities are BACK baby! And in a big way. During a streaming session the developers decided to show off their new version of the infamous ‘Brutalities’. Back in MK 3 these were introduced as insane kombos that would literally make your opponent exploded in a shower of about 15 ribcages. Well Mortal Kombat X decided to take a more graphic approach. I mean honestly, it always bugged me that half the attacks you land on a guy mid match would kill them outright. It seems like that’s the point of these anyway. If I did huck my RAZOR SHARP hat at your chest it would probably kill you wouldn’t it? The devs state that there are over 100 of these bad boys and below are just 9 of them. Try not to lose your lunch.






















Source: Polygon



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