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Watch The Teaser For The Witcher 3 Expansion – ‘Hearts of Stone’

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a gigantic game. Why not add in 10+ more hours?In the first of two planned expansions, The Witcher 3 gives us our first teaser for Hearts of Stone. It being a teaser, leaves us with not a lot to work with here in terms of what’s going on but our old friend Geralt is clearly in trouble and has been branded with some sort of magic.

A new game mechanic called ‘Runewords’ that will “significantly affect gameplay”, according to the press release. Expect new monsters, characters and even a new romance option. The expansion is designed for characters that are level 30 or above and take place in ‘No man’s land’ near Novigrad and Oxenfurt.

The Hearts of Stone expansion will take around 10 hours to complete and cost $9.99 on its own. It is included in the season pass for $25 that will include a second chunk of story DLC titled Blood & Wine.

There is also a physical box set for Hearts of Stone that comes with a real live physical Gwent Deck and will run you $20.Witcher 3

For those of you who REALLY want that Gwent set, but already bought the season pass. There is a way. Just click the link here for instructions. Please note, there is a first come first serve ruling in effect.

There is a lot to love here and it’s no question that I will be picking up the DLC for this game.Witcher 3 Hearts of stone Witcher 3 Hearts of stone2 Witcher 3 Hearts of stone3

Hearts of Stone releases October 13th, 2015.





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