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What’s Going On With The Inhumans Film?

It’s on, it’s off. What gives? 

When Marvel announced an Inhumans film a while back the slate was full of typical sequels and Avenger films but the Inhumans stuck out like a sore thumb. Where would they fit in all of this? Light was shed on the subject when Agents of SHIELD introduced the Terrigan Mists and Inhumans. We all figured the royal family of Black Bolt, Medusa and the rest would appear in film form. Then last week it was revealed that the Inhumans were taken off the slate officially. So what happened?

If rumors are to be believed, Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter and MCU Producer Kevin Feige are having the pissiest of pissing matches with each other. The story goes that Feige wanted a Captain Marvel film, Perlmutter didn’t. At the time Feige reported directly to Isaac so the two compromised. Kevin would get his Captain Marvel movie, but an Inhumans film would have to be added to the slate.

Fast forward a few months and Kevin Feige no longer has Perlmutter as a boss and the control over the MCU has split. The films are controlled directly by Kevin and the TV side of things are controlled by Ike.  Inter connectivity is still a thing but two bosses and frayed relationships could mean some problems down the road.

Which brings us back to the Inhumans film getting cancelled. Could this be a bunch of power moves getting tossed at power players? Or maybe the timing just isn’t working out, or MAYBE relationships are cooling over at Fox and the X-Men may be back on the bargaining table. Perlmutter was known as a core reason for the icy relationship between the two studios. With his power over the film side of things greatly reduced, and seeing how well the Spider-Man deal seems to be working out with Sony we may be seeing some changes.

But honestly, who knows at this point.




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