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Wizard World Philly Live Blog 09 DAY 2

It’s Day 2 of the con. Yesterday was very underwhelming but today promises (I’m hoping) to be better. Both Marvel and DC didn’t have booths set up yesterday. Word has it that they will today though. Without the booths of the big two, it feels more like a trade show or bazaar rather then a comic convention. So from here on in, We are going to be taking this live. Both Steve-O and Jon will be writing up on this blog so keep refreshing this blog post every now and again for on the minute reporting.
11:39:52 AM: Day begins. AFB crew is assembling over at Casa de Kopec at 9.

11:43:53 AM: Just realized our time stamp was set to Quixto’s timezone. No wonder the stamps were so funky yesterday.

1:59:26 PM: Just checked in.

2:17:19 PM: Still no Marvel or DC booths.

2:31:24 PM: Just got a mini interview with J. G. Jones. Awesome

2:32:56 PM: J. G. Jones: “I’m an antifanboy now.”


Its exactly 12:22 and we have been here for approximately 2 hours already. Devon is currently at the Ray Park Q&A. Tim is OMNIPRESENT. And Chris, Steve, and I are currently in the lounge area. The first panels we will be going to are the Upright Citizens Brigade Panel (Steve and Chris) and Dark Reign (Devon and I). Here are all the pictures so far. I’ll try to upload more as we go.

3:11:54 PM: Just bought this sweet dalek shirt from

5:08:34 PM: Diggle on Daredevil, Dark Reign: The List

5:11:48 PM: Dark Reign The List: Daredevil (Diggle/Tan), Wolverine (Aaron/Ribic), Hulk (Pak/Oliver), and Spiderman (Slott/Kubert)

5:13:11 PM: The List = A list of things Norman Osborn needs to take care of.

5:14:07 PM: New Thunderbolts (Rick Remenger / Mahmud A. Asrar)

7:01:50 PM: DC Nation begins. Didio, Bob Wayne, Adam Slegman, Shane Davis, JT Krull, and Franco take the stage.

WOO. Just uploaded the last of the photos from today. With my favorite one on the bottom. Cute Asian Robin Girl.

Full coverage posts of the panels from everyone are coming later. Especially my review of the AWESOME Kids Costume Contest. See the pictures of the adorable antifanboys above in the gallery.

We are going to the afterparty at the Trocadero right now. We’ll try to tweet some posts about it in real time.

Little Mary Marvel broke my heart, guys. She broke my heart.
1:14:40 PM: PS. New episode coming soon

2:50:01 PM: New AntifanBLOG is up! Experience @devonkopec’s aimless rambles about the Tommy Westphall Multiverse!

9:58:36 PM: New episode of Antifanboy is up! Episode 89 A Stranger Ate My Baby. Check us out on iTunes or visit the website

7:16:10 PM: Steve-O’s Review of Bioshock 2 on

8:14:01 AM: Spoiler-Free Heavy Rain review on the site. #heavyrain

11:09:41 PM: Review of Flash Rebirth by @cm22 #FlashRebirth

12:04:30 AM: Go to to view @Devonkopec’s review of the PS3 Exclusive Heavy Rain.

3:42:52 AM: Watching The Video Game Bosses’ Lament on CollegeHumor

6:03:24 PM: New Episode of Antifanboy is up and running! Check us out by visiting or find us on iTunes. It’s free!

12:01:17 PM: Also the website has been updated! Check out to see the changes

9:40:11 PM: Big thanks to @SV68 of @strangerscomics and also @cm22 and @PerpetualRaine for letting us know about our #spamattack

2:43:36 PM: I uploaded a YouTube video — AFBtv Episode #2 – Devon vs. The KFC Double Down

2:06:10 AM: Random question of the day/night. Which game is better? Final Fight or Streets of Rage II?

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