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Saturday was a rough day for me as I was running from panel to panel trying to get as much information as possible. I joined Suarez, Galanti and Steve at the DC Nation panel where things were already underway.

I’d say that this was without a doubt the most high energy panel I’ve been to. There was so much stuff happening at once so I apologize if these notes seem more jumbled then the others.

Of course front and center was Dan Didio and with him were Associate Editor Adam Schlagman (“Green Lantern Corps”), Vice President of Sales Bob Wayne, artist Shane Davis, (Blackest Night artist) J.T. Krul (Blackest Night: Titans writer), Franco Aureliani writer for “Tiny Titans” and “Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam,” and artist Rags Morales. (the guy that drew Identity Crisis)

-Dan Didio is still fucking crazy. (Still likable though… sorta)

-Calls out people in Lantern shirts

-Jokes about how much he loves Dick Grayson (he wanted to kill him in Infinite Crisis)

-Dan is CRAZY Excitable

Are we seeing more different colored lanterns from earth? Or are they all aliens?

-Bob Wayne gives a super snarky answer in a laughable manner.

(Some obvious fan boys here. Like total dick suckers.-D) “I had to stop halfway and go WOW this is amazing”. (actual quote-D)

-Dan likes to find out what’s good and what’s bad about major dc properties, he does this by asking fans and haters of books to raise their hands.

-Started with some guy saying Battle for the Cowl is one of the worst books he has read in a while

-Some guy is dueling with Dan Didio, stating, “I have a problem with YOUR Mandate” Dan asks him to raise his hand every time he hated something.

-Lots of drama at the DC Panel with lots of strong opinions.

-Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges are doing JSA

-Magog ongoing series. Dark gritty

-Power girl ongoing comedic story

-Dan thinks JLA currently works well without the trinity.

-Some guy is glad they are bringing back old school guys in titans and teen titan’s books and he likes Static Shock (AKA Loser -D)

-Also big pops for Ravager lately…

Didio-”Issue 75 and on you’ll see a much more stable team” -Teen Titans

-Bob Wayne is lovably mean to people, he’s the guy that says “fuck you we’re not answering you”

-Wednesday comics set in really cool old timey news paper format. At least the first issue… I hope it’s every issue.

=Red Circle characters Doc Savage and all that jazz. Brian Azzarello is writing it I think? Also he’s writing Batman in Wednesday comics

“Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters book coming out soon?

Didio-”We’re thinking about it

We will be seeing Jonah Hex reprints and hardcover works for the movie.

“When will we find more out about the 5th world?”

Didio-”Grants working on that”.

“Red robin team ups?”

Didio-We do have red robin appearing in…. oh wait! I can’t give it away”.

(Dan Didio has GOT to be on some sort of Meth. He seriously can’t stop giggling at an AARP refrence-D)

-Squire will reappear in grants Batman and Robin

-Always potential for more flash books in the future

-Blackest night Flash book also Blackest Night JSA, Wonder Woamn, Batman, Superman and more that they weren’t saying yet.

-The next legion is THE Legion. In Adventure comics. No more reboots.

-Ambush Bug last issue of the mini is finishing up as we speak

-July is latest/last(?) Issue of Legion of 3 worlds

-So many ass kissers here. Balanced by haters

The concept of trinity… what was that all about?

“We wanted to show the influence that the trinity has on the DCU other worlds and everything else.”

Where are the DC and Marvel Booths?

Didio-”Lot more cons this year so we’re very stretched out but we want to get to as many fans as we can”.

When we will find out when Bruce Wayne is?

Dan Didio- “Look at Final Crisis issue 1″

Batman and Robin 13 issue arc with Grant Morrison.

Didio- “Last three months dc had only had 3 books come out late. We have listened to the fan we saw the sales drop so we went to fix it.”

-Doc Savage is being modernized and still staying old school. (oh?-D)

Plans to have LOBO return?

-Sam Keith is working on it

Aquaman plans?

Didio-Look for blackest night


Didio- “No plans for him to return.”

-Indigo lanterns introduced in blackest night 1

-Major villains could die in blackest night.

With that the panel was over as quickly as it began. It was a chaotic mess in good ways and bad way. I did like what I was hearing but then again I wasn’t really sure on what I was hearing as Didio and crew were just all over the place.

Also if Dan were to be compared to ex President Bush then Bob Wayne would be his Dick Cheney.  I’ve noticed it at past cons also as every Dan would open his mouth he would glance at Bob Wayne who would either give him a look that said “go for it” or “keep your fucking face hole shut”.

Didio has a style that while I like I can’t fully respect, I like the fact that he seems like he wants to really get down to the bottom of things asking fans why they didn’t like this book or what issues they had with this storyline. But at the same time, he really puts you on the spot and then if you aren’t blindsided by that and give a halfway legitimate response he kinda laughs and says something nonsensical.

All in all a decent showing by DC, while not really getting me excited over anything that wasn’t Blackest Night they did nothing to quell it either.




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